JSConf Colombia - Workshop

Nov 03 - 2017

TL;DR: Discover how to use Vue’s directives to speed up your workflow and create easy to maintain, yet reactive UIs

Description: Vue.js brings the best features of the javascript to modern frontend development. You will make every component from scratch but be provided with a base boilerplate so you can focus entirely on learning Vue.js. We’ll run through all the ways that Vue quickly solves common Frontend developer implementations, as well flexible ways to access the underlying API so that you can solve for any use-case.


Pataconf - Talk

Nov 02 - 2017

TL;DR: Just a talk about my long experience learning concepts about Operating Systems development.

Description: Years ago when I had no idea about software and OS development, I wanted to push myself to learn something useful for me. I started by OS development, it was hard and took me months and years to understand how complex is. This talk will teach and show people the correct way to hobby OS development

Connect.Tech - Talk

Oct 21 - 2016

TL;DR: There will be a quick intro to Rust, but more an appetizer than anything else; then explanation about how Rust and Node.js can work together, and at the end a few demos to take advantages from Rust in Node.js

Description: Rust is a programming language from Mozilla that combines strong compile-time correctness guarantees with fast performance and it plays nice with ctypes! Come learn how you can call Rust functions from Node.js code and finally say goodbye to hacking C!

Mozfest - Workshop

Sep 28 - 2016

TL;DR: People will be able to create music using physical objects connected to sensors, so they will be able to express their creativity and produce fantastic songs that could be recorded and share after they finish.

Description: People will create a song using a Makey Makey board connected to physical objects (fruits, makers, random stuff) that controls a browser client who receives the data, play the sound and show the person the progress of the song. You can record it and keep it for you, so everybody can enjoy it share the results with their friends. Attendants will learn how to take approach of IoT boards and sensors like Makey Makey and Web Browser tools to create great examples of art and share. People will be inspired to keep pushing that idea to higher levels and many songs will be created after the festival due the tools will be open for public use.

JSConf Colombia - Workshop

Oct 16 - 2015

TL;DR: A walkthrough about how to create an interpreted language using Jison and lexer concepts.

Description: Jison is a powerful package created to be implemented on custom lexer and parsing operations, it can be extremely useful to implement large languages or simple translations. We are going to learn the basics behind and how to build a small language using it.


DevFest Colombia.dev - Talk

Oct 15 - 2015

TL;DR: Hablar acerca de como usar Rust y Node.js en casos especificos donde se pueda dar un incremento en el rendimiento de una tarea.

Description: Rust es un lenguaje de programación rápido y seguro; esto lo logra siendo "memory safe" sin necesidad de utilizar un "garbage collector". Esta presentación será una introducción al lenguaje de programación Rust, cual son las buenas partes/practicas, y por qué es posible que Rust llene más las espectativas por encima de C en un próximo proyecto que requiera optimización de bajo nivel.