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Sep 28 - 2016
Workshop @ Mozfest | London, England
TL;DR: People will be able to create music using physical objects connected to sensors, so they will be able to express their creativity and produce fantastic songs that could be recorded and share after they finish.
Description: People will create a song using a Makey Makey board connected to physical objects (fruits, makers, random stuff) that controls a browser client who receives the data, play the sound and show the person the progress of the song. You can record it and keep it for you, so everybody can enjoy it share the results with their friends. Attendants will learn how to take approach of IoT boards and sensors like Makey Makey and Web Browser tools to create great examples of art and share. People will be inspired to keep pushing that idea to higher levels and many songs will be created after the festival due the tools will be open for public use.