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Dec 12 - 2019
Talk @ Node+JS Interactive | Montreal, Canada
TL;DR: This is a refreshed and improved version based on the feedback of a well-received talk I gave last year named: “Leak Hunting: Finding and debugging a memory leak in Node.js”.
Description: Let’s start talking about taking the time to set up a proper test environment to repeat the exact same conditions as in production. Performance metrics? Response time higher? Memory leak? We would walk through different memory leak situations to identify and analyze patterns that produce an increase of memory, CPU usage, and the load average over time, without any apparent reason. Learn about memory and how to access Node.js memory using a V8 Inspector & Chrome Dev Tools, create a dump of the heap memory for the inspected application, with a lot of details about the memory usage, watching memory allocation in real time and finally a compilation of best practices about how we could end fixing the memory leak. In the end, we'll be able to use the right tools to monitor, understand, and debug the memory consumption of a Node.js application on time.