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Why I care about privacy on social apps?

People is surprised every time I say “I don’t use Whatsapp and I don’t add people to Facebook”. Yes, maybe someone is thinking that I am an anti-social person, or maybe someone who doesn’t understand the importance of social apps in human life ( read the last part with a few of sarcasm :) ). I started to use Whatsapp by 2012, when I got my first smartphone (Samsung Galaxy S3). I was so exciting because it was my first Android smartphone, but in 2013 my phone was stolen, after that I stopped to use social apps and I will explain why.

When my phone was stolen I started to see my life depended in social apps (mostly in the entire smartphone) I used all the time for communication. I used Whatsapp, Facebook, and other social apps to communicate with friends, family, people at work and somebody around me who ask for my Whatsapp number or a “social” way to communicate with me. It was ok, but after I understood that part in my life, I was hard to leave that way I communicated and shared information about me, but was necessary. I understood that social apps makes you lose a lot of time and every minute you spend sharing information by those apps there’s someone in the other side being happy to get more information about you. Because that’s the business before social apps, collect information and eat ads.

Since I started to search and learn new things on Internet, I understood step by step why internet and privacy are so important, and why I should care about my privacy. I never (maybe, a really few times) do “like” on Facebook status since I have an account and now that research and articles shows how Facebook and companies creates graphs and large databases about you, based on what you did “like” and your preferences I am happy to had been stopped since the beginning, the way where and who I share information about my interests. Of course, I continue having a Facebook account but the use of it is limited, every certain time I remove friends from my Facebook account, because there are people I am not interested in anymore or they are that kind of people who shares every five seconds a photo with philosophical quotes (I know, sometimes I am evil with some people status). I expect someday close my account to have no-dependence on Facebook to know about someone life.

Today, I continue using social apps on my life, but are limited with a limited use, and a phone just for calls and search about something.