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My career update. Joined NodeSource!

My journey at Mozilla ended starting May 2017. It was good, I learned a lot, the good and the bad parts in the company, it was something that opened possibilities and my thinking in a positive manner. But life keep going and a few months later after taking a time to think about myself, breath and try new things like weightlifting (still totally into this), I joined NodeSource as Support Engineer.

NodeSource was one of (if not the first) the companies I applied time ago when started to think seriously on my professional career, nothing happened by the time when I applied (time later I got the contract at Mozilla) but now I am starting on this position excited and happy to give my 101%.

I will be giving Node.js and N|Solid support to companies who pay NodeSource for helping them resolve issues with NodeSource products and Node.js in general. In the meantime will be helping Engineering team with side projects and feature development for NodeSource products in some cases.

This is not a new start only in my professional career; side projects, blog and more things are expected to be more active and more often updated. The end of an experience is the beginning of a new one.