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Blist - Blog with Gists

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When I started to see different ways to run my personal website I reviewed a lot of the most popular and not popular cms, platforms, framework, static generators and more. At the end I selected Jekyll hosted on Github pages and now I am seeing it was the best decision. The unique thing missing on Github pages is the support for SSL certs but in other points all the service related to pages from Github is incredible.

Static content generators are great, there are easy to learn, modify and improve; probably the most important part is that you don’t need to keep all your attention maintaining it. The integrations with Markdown, Liquid and other useful things integrated on static generators makes every time run and keep update your site a joke (a joke in a good way of course).

But what about if I want an extremally simple site, just an HTML file, a css and javascript file. No space and directories for frameworks, plugins, node modules, bower packages, etc. Well, I asked myself that and the answer was funny: “There’s no way, until now”.

Github pages is awesome as same as Github gists, but what about if I could combine the awesomenes of both in on idea (an static generator, of course). I started to create a static blog that will be hosted on Github pages and will use Github gist as posts using the Github api to get them. Sounds good, isn’t it?

The result was Blist that borns from Blog + Gist, I know it’s a really bad name but that was I could imagine in that moment. It’s an static blog generator that retreive listed gits id from a js in main directory of your blog. Then it parse as markdown to html file and show it as blog post.