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A new chapter in my life

I have a lot of ideas and many things that I am sure I must do in this or in other life. The main problem every time is they are many things to do and sometimes I don’t have a lot time to spend, complete all my projects and had they done at the same time. The past summer (starting June) I decided to stay at home and finish all my project to have them finished and published before the end of this year. It’s time to publish some of my work and show to the world what kind of things are coming with them.

At this moment have a personal site where I blog comfortable and a kind of CV is published there too. I am returning to be active with the LoquiIM development now that I created a fast and secure way to continue with the development; I think, I will write about it in other post in the future. When all my projects will be launched I am thinking in start again my activity as a volunteer and start sending patches to Firefox OS; I was postponing this but is one of the things I mentioned as must do in my life. Finally but not less important, I am funding (not official but it’s almost ready) my own company with many startups and all of them are open source. Yes, I am happy to be a developer and now CEO of my own company based in Colombia.

The last part is the which excites me more, I am with a big smile right now and the energy to start with this new adventure. Is my first company and I was planning this moment since 7 years back. A company that will be true with the money that I save everyday (to cover some things to be paid) and the infinite help and support that my parents got me from the beginning (both). This is my big dream, I am not sure how will be the future but now is perfect.

I didn’t consider myself as an entrepreneur, I see myself as a developer, a person that craft open source software because is what he likes to do and that’s the important, do what you really like. I am not expecting be the next company with the most incredible and ultra powered app that tell you the hour with different colors, or the company with thousand of millions clients around the world. The unique and most important goal for my company will be: “Craft new ideas and make them awesome”.