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Looking back critically, in both personal & professional contexts, or just things I don't know where to categorize

Feb 08 - 2015
I make no secret of the fact that I use Tor sometimes, and that I run a Tor Relay.
Jan 30 - 2015
People is surprised everytime I say 'I don't use Whatsapp and I don't add people to Facebook.
Jan 12 - 2015
Propositos para este año son muchos aunque siempre tengo metas y propositos fijos, este año he optado por un cambio personal en el cual mantenga organizando mi vida y dandole rumbo a la parte profesional.
Aug 07 - 2014
Checking my Facebook account I got a post with a link of a tweet that has an interesting image.
Aug 07 - 2014
I have a lot of ideas and many things that I am sure I must do in this or in other life.
Jul 20 - 2014
After a looooooonnnnnnnng time blogging a few on wordpress.com and not feeling very comfortable with the limited options they provide, I decided to mount my own site and a blog with my own rules.