Raspberry PI 2 B Port state - Report

Late in November 2015, I got hired at Mozilla by Developer Relations team to work on a new project. The project was Port current B2G (old Firefox OS) stack to ARM developer boards, in the specific case, the Raspberry PI 2 B.

Joining Mozilla as employee

After start contributing to Mozilla since 2012 (3 years and little bit more now; and being 15 years old) I will join Mozilla as a paid employee. I’ll be working with the Mozilla Developer Relations team (DevRel), porting Firefox OS to the Raspberry PI 2. There are several reasons why I’m excited about it, so I can’t wait for November to start.

Developer participation at Open Source projects

Why participate in open source projects? What makes all these developers work to give away the product of their efforts? What is motivating them? What are the benefits? What block a developer from contribute to a project? Open Source projects are prepared to large amounts of developers? Is easier for every developer get involved in your open source project?

In this article, I’ll describe some of the motivations and blockers for participating in open source projects, from the point of view of the developer. Let’s start by parts.

[Linux] Fix to Rust lang object lib error

I am starting to learn about Rust, the programming language by Mozilla, it has a lot of guides now to get started. So, why not?

I installed Manjaro a few days ago, everything is great, I continue installing and migrating everything from my before system (Ubuntu). Ubuntu was OK but I expect never back again to it, I will tell you the reason later in other post, I promise :)

Blist - Blog with Gists


When I started to see different ways to run my personal website I reviewed a lot of the most popular and not popular cms, platforms, framework, static generators and more. At the end I selected Jekyll hosted on Github pages and now I am seeing it was the best decision. The unique thing missing on Github pages is the support for SSL certs but in other points all the service related to pages from Github is incredible.

Static content generators are great, there are easy to learn, modify and improve; probably the most important part is that you don’t need to keep all your attention maintaining it. The integrations with Markdown, Liquid and other useful things integrated on static generators makes every time run and keep update your site a joke (a joke in a good way of course).

Understand local variable

This post is a serie of publications that I will publish about different technical topics. This is and will not be a high and complex guide about what specific topics, but could be used as a start point to learn terms and test new knowloadge. It’s time to start, consider the following c code and guess the output:


Durante un tiempo atras cualquiera que leyera este post seguramente estaría empezando a escribir X comentario, post, carta, o demanda reprochando cada una de las cosas que hoy publique o deje de publicar. Por eso mismo me he dado a la tarea de dejar un titulo sencillo y simple el cual me pueda librar de cualquier sensacionalismo (aunque no lo creo).

Hace tiempo que viene sonando y yo hace rato que tengo este tema en mis borradores (poco tiempo y algo de pereza es la causa) el tema de que systemd no es el futuro, lo mejor es un remplazo y que a final de cuentas, ya no funciona. Por supuesto, un usuario Linux común seguramente esto lo deja sin palabras ya que es un tema muy tecnico, es decir, cada opinion debe estar sustentada bajo un background tecnico que soporte las cosas te atreves de decir. :)

Why I am running a Tor relay?


I make no secret of the fact that I use Tor sometimes, and that I run a Tor Relay. I don’t use Tor as often as I perhaps should and thats beause a lot of my browsing is on websites where I have an account that’s already associated with ‘real-world’ me, adding the fact that on most website if you use Tor with personal accounts will be blocked due to “unexpected” logins. Given the recent headlines, I figured now would be a good time to explain what Tor is, and why I encourage to run a Tor relay.

Why I care about privacy on social apps?

People is surprised everytime I say “I don’t use Whatsapp and I don’t add people to Facebook”. Yes, maybe someone is thinking that I am an anti-social person, or maybe someone who doesn’t understand the importance of social apps in human life ( read the last part with a few of sarcasm :) ). I started to use Whatsapp by 2012, when I got my first smarthphone (Samsung Galaxy S3). I was so exciting because it was my first Android smartphone, but in 2013 my phone was stolen, after that I stopped to use social apps and I will explain why.

Cambios de vida

Propositos para este año son muchos aunque siempre tengo metas y propositos fijos, este año he optado por un cambio personal en el cual mantenga organizando mi vida y dandole rumbo a la parte profesional. Siento que ha pasado una eternidad esperando a que ciertos obstaculos se derribaran y me dieran paso a nuevas cosas, cosas de las cuales siempre estuba limitado pero ahora eso ha cambiado, soy yo quien pongo los limites y decido hasta donde quiero llegar.